Found Treasures - CD

Found Treasures CD Cover Nominated for the 2000 "Recording of the Year Award" by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs (MAC). Found Treasures has 16 tracks. Many are gems from musicals that were unsuccessful or are unfamiliar. Most were performed by Brian in his cabaret show Found Treasures or the subsequent show More Found Treasures.

"Although the title of Brian De Lorenzo's Found Treasures refers to the songs it contains, the cabaret singer is one himself. Possessing a clear tenor which he uses with earnest emotional intensity, De Lorenzo sings with complete commitment. Some of his selections may not have been "lost" to Show Music readers, but the 19 numbers form an appealing program. And where else would you be likely to hear Angel's "Astoria Gloria" and "How Do You Say Goodbye?," Romance/Romance's "Words He Doesn't Say," and 3 Guys Naked From the Waist Down's "I Don't Believe in Heroes Anymore?" De Lorenzo's sincerity makes familiar songs such as "Who Will Buy?" (Oliver!), "Do I Hear a Waltz?" and "Tonight at Eight" (She Loves Me) seem fresh."
? Max O. Preeo, Show Music

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Made in America: Vaudeville Songs - CD

Made in America: Vaudevlle Songs CD Cover A Tribute to the Gumm Family featuring Brian De Lorenzo as Frank Gumm. Studio Cast Recording. A live show was created, also featuring Brian, and was performed numerous times at Don't Tell Mama in New York from 2002-04.

"The sole male member of the troupe gets the lion's share of the material [and] that's fine by me, as he's the versatile and strong singer Brian De Lorenzo. The guy has a real flair for the period style. Whether turning on the charm with a showy bit of flash or a sentimental ballad with his pure, high voice, he's perfect casting. I knew his talent and affection for more recent theatrical material from a well-done solo album, Found Treasures, so I'm not surprised."
? Rob Lester, Talkin'